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Sapphire Eye from 7SIGNAL is a revolutionary, patented Wi-Fi sensor and wireless network monitoring and optimization device designed to enhance wireless connections and improve the digital experience of end users and devices. The discreet Sapphire Eye hardware is available in two options and supports rapid troubleshooting and enterprise deployment for constant user experience agreement (UXA) testing.

Sapphire Eye is uniquely designed to measure connectivity and the quality of end-user experiences on Wi-Fi networks. It complements your existing wireless access point management software by providing proactive Wi-Fi network assurance.

The 802.11ac Wave 2 Sapphire Eye 2200 utilizes 8 MIMO Yagi gain antennas (four at 2.4GHz and four at 5GHz). The antennas provide signal amplification and enable connecting to 4 to 6 access points at -65dBm or better. This ensures accurate active measurements from a single location.

Sapphire Eyes are self-contained, compact units utilizing Power over Ethernet (PoE), which allows for active Ethernet testing also. All wireless and wired communications use TLS encryption.

  • Compatible with any access point on any network
  • Full spectrum analysis with packet capture
  • Uncover RF and channel interference
  • Identify configuration, coverage and congestion issues
 Download the Sapphire Eye 2200 Data Sheet PDF

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