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Ekahau Fast-Track Online Training

Acuity RF Solutions

A QuickStart to learn how to use the Ekahau Pro Software

At Acuity RF Solutions we are committed to you, that is why we offer you Ekahau Fast-Track, a 2 ½ hour personalized online training which provides a comprehensive understanding of how to successfully design, implement and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks. using the # 1 software on the market: Ekahau Pro. 

LEARN easily to:     

DESIGN WIRELESS NETWORKS: With the highest standards in the industry.

UNDERSTAND THE USE OF A SPECTRUM ANALYZER: To find interference in the environment that is affecting a wireless network.     

PERFORM QUALITY SITE SURVEYS:  Perform a new installation or, if necessary, solve a problem with your wireless network.     

UNDERSTANDING THE USE CASES OF WIRELESS NETWORKS:  Learn tips and tricks to optimize a network in different environments.     

At the end of the course there will be time to answer your questions and specific needs and you will receive a recording of your session. Write to us at or contact your sales executive for more information and to reserve a date. 


  • Import of maps and wall drawing   
  • Import of maps: CAD files   
  • Calibration of walls and attenuation areas   
  • Define coverage requirements   
  • Network capacity planning   
  • Planning on multiple floors   
  • Survey hardware configuration   
  • Perform Site Surveys   
  • Compilation of data obtained   
  • Perform live spectrum analysis   
  • Search for devices that interfere on the map   
  • And much more. 

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Learn how to use the Ekahau Software!

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