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Ekahau USB Survey Adapter



Ekahau USB Survey Adapter x 2

(Only available as  Kit x 2 adapters)

The USB Survey Adapter (SA-1) is an optimized Wi-Fi site survey adapter for Ekahau Site Survey. It’s built for designing and troubleshooting wireless networks. It is typically used by wireless network administrators as well as professional
services engineers.

The adapter fits into any laptop that has a standard USB interface. When used with Ekahau Site Survey, the adapter allows for quick site surveys on any 802.11ac as well as 802.11abgn network. Site surveys can be performed simultaneously for 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands.

The adapter is supported on Windows operating system. To maximize measurement consistency between the SA-1 adapter and the previous-generation Ekahau NIC-300 adapter, Ekahau Site Survey supports dBmatch technology, which
minimizes the signal strength differences between the two

  Ekahau USB Survey Adapter Datasheet  

  Review Supported Network Adapters for Ekahau Site Survey






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