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Wi-Fi Survey Case for AP on a Stick

Acuity RF Solutions

Complete Wireless Site Survey Kit | Portability & Airline Friendly, Rugged & Waterproof, every single item needed to perform a Wi-Fi site survey is exceptionally organized in the case.

Our complete Wi-Fi Survey Kit has everything you need to get going, packed away in a customized Nanuk 935 wheeled case. The 935's waterproof resin shell and patented Power Claw latches store your equipment and tools safely and securely.

The included 7' light stand and wheel kit and the pre-wiring and customization of high-end external connections make this a convenient and functional addition for any Wi-Fi engineer.

The kit contains the following tools:

  • Wi-Fi Stand Version 2
  • Network Analyzer
  • TACKlife Laser Measure (164’ version)
  • High powered LED Flashlight
  • 2 10’ Panduit CAT 6 patch cables
  • 7’ Manfrotto collapsible tripod
  • Casters for a tripod (Set of 3)
  • AccelTex Accelerator battery pack
  • Pre-wired for data and power
  • Externally mounted Neutrik USB port to power your mobile device.
  • Neutrik CAT6a Color-Coded Ethernet ports: 1 input, 2 Output; POE, POE+
  • External Power to charge Accelerator battery
  • Open area for Ekahau Sidekick (+room for sidekick power supply) or AP

The Nanuk 935 case offers three soft-grip handles making this wheeled case one of the most suitable products for any Wi-Fi professional. The 935's polyurethane wheels withstand rough terrains, while the one-handed retractable handle provides unparalleled usability. No matter where you go, you're guaranteed a smooth ride.

The customized foam insert was the product of 100's of emails and design alterations to make sure everything fit where it needed to correctly complete this grouping of easily accessible and fully functional components.

Important Notes:

  • Shipping to Latin America is included in the price.
  • Price does not include customs fees. That is the reseller or integrator's responsibility.

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