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Ekahau Acquired by Ookla®

October 10, 2018

Two Leading Wi-Fi Companies Join Forces

RESTON, Va., Oct. 10, 2018, Ekahau announced with great enthusiasm that Ookla®, the company behind Speedtest®, the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data, and analysis acquired Ekahau. We believe this is positive news as the acquisition will provide Ekahau with additional resources to increase production, speed time to market, further strengthen their commitment to customer service, and invest in additional research and development.
This integration will allow us to provide the best solutions for the design, optimization, and troubleshooting of Wi-Fi networks in the industry.
"At Ekahau, we pride ourselves on our easy-to-use and technologically superior solutions. We also truly value the relationships we have formed with our customers, technology partners, resellers, distributors, and employees. It is tremendously gratifying to join forces with a company that shares these same core commitments and beliefs.” said Mika Hakala, CEO of Ekahau.
As part of Ookla, Ekahau will continue to operate as they always have and will enhance their products by leveraging the Speedtest platform. Ookla will also benefit from the expertise and technology that Ekahau brings to the measurement and optimization of Wi-Fi networks. 


Who is Ookla?

Ookla®, the company behind Speedtest®, is the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data and analysis. Over ten million tests are actively initiated by consumers each day across all Speedtest platforms, with more than 20 billion completed to date. As a result, Ookla has the most comprehensive analytics on worldwide Internet performance and accessibility. Ookla transforms these billions of real-world tests into vital research tools. The company’s flagship enterprise product, Speedtest Intelligence®, is used by ISPs, carriers, businesses, universities and government agencies alike who trust Ookla’s commitment to quality and neutrality. For more information about Ookla, please visit
Is this a merger or acquisition?
Legally and financially, this is an acquisition.
When does the transaction officially close?
This transaction closed on 10/10/2018.
What are the benefits to Ekahau?
With access to the Ookla resources, Ekahau will be able to:
  • Invest more in research and development
  • Introduce even more exciting new products and solutions
  • Improve time to market for new products
How does this benefit Ekahau customers?
With this partnership, customers can continue to expect:
  • The introduction of more new and exciting products and solutions
  • Exceptional product and technical support
  • Expansion and growth
Will Ekahau retain its corporate brand and product names?
Yes, and we will continue to build innovative, high-performance products.
Will any of Ekahau products be discontinued?
There will be no changes to the product offering at this time.
Will there be any changes to the current service level or existing customer contacts?
No, all technical support and customer service levels will remain unchanged. Your contacts will also stay the same.
What happens to my Support Agreement? Can I still access support?
All existing support agreements will remain unchanged, and support will still be available.
How does this affect Ekahau’s End User License Agreement?
At this time, there will be no changes to the End User License Agreement (EULA).
Can I still buy Ekahau products and renew my support agreement?
Yes, Ekahau products, support, and training can all be purchased in the same manner in which they are purchased today.
I have a current order in progress, does this impact my order?
No, all outstanding orders and future orders will go through the existing process.
Is the next release of Ekahau software still planned?
Yes, Ekahau is very committed to continuing our innovation and will be able to deliver even more new products and features in the future.
What will happen with the Ekahau Certified Survey Engineer (ECSE) Program?
Ekahau will continue to offer ECSE classes as well as additional training.
If you have any additional questions that have not been answered previously, please contact us via e-mail:

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