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Equipment Needed to Perform an AP on a Stick Site Survey

February 04, 2021

An AP on a stick (APoS) survey is a pre-deployment survey where you are emulating the coverage of the actual AP you are planning to deploy. You’ll need to figure out how you’ll provide power to the AP and temporarily mount the AP at the height and orientation you plan to deploy the AP, attaching the AP to a pole or tripod is a common method for this, and thus why it is referred to as an “AP on a Stick”.

The equipment needed for an AP on a Stick survey can vary by installation (example: a tripod may not provide enough vertical reach for a warehouse with 40+ foot ceilings), but the following list should give you an idea of the type of equipment needed.

  1. AP model that was chosen for project (2+ preferred for more efficient surveying)
  2. External antenna used in your design (if applicable)
  3. Tripod or other telescoping stand to stage AP
  4. External battery pack
  5. Ekahau Sidekick
  6. Ekahau Pro Software: 

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    Get the Complete Wi-Fi Survey Kit

    The Wi-Fi tools that will make your work easier, faster and more functional.

    Acuity RF Solutions offer a complete Wi-Fi kit to perform Site Surveys with AP on a Stick. Our Kit has everything you need to get going, packed away in a customized Nanuk 935 wheeled case.

     Find out more about our Wi-Fi Survey Case for AP on a Stick

    The kit contains the following tools:

    • Wi-Fi Stand Version 2
    • Network Analyzer
    • TACKlife Laser Measure (164’ version)
    • High powered LED Flashlight
    • 2 10’ Panduit CAT 6 patch cables
    • 7’ Manfrotto collapsible tripod
    • Casters for a tripod (Set of 3)
    • AccelTex Accelerator battery pack
    • Pre-wired for data and power
    • Externally mounted Neutrik USB port to power your mobile device.
    • Neutrik CAT6a Color-Coded Ethernet ports: 1 input, 2 Output; POE, POE+
    • External Power to charge Accelerator battery
    • Open area for Ekahau Sidekick (+room for sidekick power supply) or AP

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