Ekahau Connect Bundle

Ekahau Connect is the complete collection of must-have tools for Wi-Fi pros and network owners alike. It includes everything you need to design, validate, optimize and troubleshoot your network all wrapped up in an easy-to-use, mobile-optimized package. Here is an overview of the Ekahau Connect validation toolkit:

Ekahau Pro: for Generating Your Predictive Wi-Fi Design

Ekahau Pro is the industry-standard for designing great Wi-Fi networks. The AP and antenna database included with Ekahau Pro will help you design with known hardware and test out a variety of different configurations to see what will give you the best coverage, capacity and channel utilization for your unique environment. Once you’ve got your predictive design from Ekahau Pro, you’re ready to validate, implement any necessary changes, finalize, and deploy.

Ekahau Sidekick: for Accurate Diagnostics and Raw Data Collection

The accuracy of the Sidekick allows you to identify Wi-Fi signal correctly the first time ensuring you get the right number of APs in the right location for your design. Relying on a Wi-Fi adapter or dongle adds high variance and risk that can significantly increase the cost and reduce the effectiveness of your network. Get the right tool for the job with Sidekick.

Ekahau Survey: for Effortless Site Surveys and Documentation

Connected to the Sidekick, Ekahau Survey makes it easy to perform Wi-Fi site surveys with nothing more than your iPad or iPhone. Survey uses the built-in camera, Apple ARKit and sensors to track your movement and continuously survey the network. It takes the traditional stop-and-go method of surveying and adds more data points at every step for the most accurate readings and Wi-Fi heatmaps. Survey also lets you add photos to your .esx file and even change or create coverage requirements right from within the app.

Ekahau Cloud: for Improved Team and File Sync

Ekahau Cloud allows you to share your design and survey results with your team to enjoy seamless collaboration between central office and field sites, and make project sharing with your entire team simple and easy.

Source: Ekahau Blog