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When Wi-Fi is Down, Work Stops

March 25, 2021

Wi-Fi is everywhere. It’s in the mission-critical technologies that power businesses of every shape and size. It’s in the life-sustaining medical devices we rely on for health and wellness. It keeps us connected when we need to communicate and collaborate, and it gives us an escape when we need to isolate. For your business, Wi-Fi issues aren’t just inconveniences — they’re work-stopping and costly blows to your bottom line.

When Wi-Fi is down

The Impact of an Outage on Your Business

There are numerous ways a Wi-Fi outage can impact your business. At over 50% of survey responses, employee connectivity and productivity was voted the #1 impact as more and more knowledge workers rely on their laptop’s Wi-Fi to be productive. But employees aren’t the only ones connected. Wi-Fi connected hardware and software applications may simply stop operating without a Wi-Fi connection and for many businesses in retail and hospitality, a drop in Wi-Fi can have a negative impact on your customer’s experience.  This is certainly a reason to take a deeper look at your wireless network.

The Cost of Bad Wi-Fi

At the Enterprise level, a single hour of network downtime can cost as much as $540,000 according to the folks at Gartner. But it doesn’t take a full network outage to cause serious issues; Wi-Fi outages or just poorly planned and deployed networks are costly to businesses in every industry.


Density is critical in classrooms with students accessing course materials and digital textbooks on multiple devices. Schools and universities are seeing huge upticks in demand as students return to physical campuses. Without a proper capacity plan, technology issues can get in the way of learning and classes can fall behind schedule.

With so many employees using cloud-based apps, productivity and billable hours are heavily reliant on a business’s Wi-Fi functioning properly. It only takes one outage impacting executive conference calls to rack up thousands of dollars of lost productivity in salaries alone.

Wi-Fi enables everything from mobile medical devices that help sustain and report on patient health, to staff communications, alert and alarm systems, and to guest networks deployed to improve quality-of-life for those receiving care. It’s not hyperbole that Wi-Fi is life-critical in healthcare.

Hospitality & Recreation
Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Hotels rely on return visits and brand loyalty from their customers. Even a single experience with a bad Wi-Fi network can tarnish your reputation for that customer and a bad review can have an exponential impact on future business.

The impact of bad Wi-Fi can hit every stage of the supply chain. Production lines can go down if safety checks aren’t registered online and warehouses grind to a halt if inventory systems cant be accessed.


If your business uses an iPad or other wireless device at checkout, an outage can make it impossible to collect payment. And for every minute you and your customer waits to reestablish a connection, customer satisfaction and loyalty drop.


World-Class Wi-Fi for Business

When Wi-Fi is down, work stops. That’s why the world’s biggest brands and most important events trust Ekahau for their mission-critical wireless networks.

The Solution to Build and Maintain High-Performing Wi-Fi

Ekahau Connect enables you and your team to design, validate, optimize and troubleshoot any
Wi-Fi network faster and easier than ever before.
Get actionable results to build and maintain a high performing and reliable Wi-Fi network capable supporting your mission-critical business applications.

Fast & Accurate

 Easy to Use

Peace of Mind

Precise Wi-Fi diagnostics paired with mobile-optimized apps deliver significantly faster site surveys, faster spectrum analysis, and more accurate and reliable data.

Robust, professional gear that anyone can use, developed by Wi-Fi enthusiasts who consistently innovate and redefine industry-standard.

Well-designed and optimized networks reduce business-stopping downtime, giving you assurance that your Wi-Fi is always high- performing.

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