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Ekahau Measure



Annual subscription per user

What’s Included

  • Ekahau Survey Mobile App (iOS/Android)
  • New Just Go Survey Mode
  • Cloud Project Sync with Guest Sharing
  • Software & Firmware Updates
  • Global Customer Support

What is Ekahau Measure?

Ekahau Measure is a SaaS license that allows you to have an additional user to perform data collection with a Sidekick and the Ekahau Survey application without the need to purchase a new Ekahau AI Pro license.

Ekahau Measure is the Ekahau Survey app for iOS and Android from the Ekahau Connect package you already know and love, but without the need for an associated Ekahau AI Pro licence.

This makes Measure the perfect complement to the full Ekahau AI Pro and Connect license, because your senior staff can focus on data analysis and design, whilst data is collected by onsite staff or survey engineers.

 Download Ekahau Measure Datasheet


Benefits of Ekahau Measure

Delegate Data Collection

The Measure license is a perfect complement to the full Ekahau AI Pro and Connect license. Network managers focus on data analysis, delegating data collection to onsite staff.

Reduce Travel and Time-to-Resolution

Local survey teams eliminate unnecessary travel and time for central network managers and expedite data collection in time-sensitive troubleshooting situations.

Divide and Conquer Large Surveys

With Measure licenses, IT teams can work together to shorten the time it takes to complete large, complex campuses, distribution centers, or multi-floor buildings.

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