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Ekahau Connect




The all-in-one product suite for better Wi-Fi.  Ekahau Connect™ is the ultimate package for wireless engineers.


Ekahau Connect™ enables you and your team to design, optimize and troubleshoot any Wi-Fi network faster and easier than ever before.

Get accurate and actionable results with the complete suite of Ekahau Wi-Fi tools.

Ekahau Connect Bundle $12,985 USD

  • Software License: Ekahau AI Pro™ ($5,995)
  • Hardware: Ekahau Sidekick 2 ($4,995)
  • Ekahau Connect Subscription - 1 Year ($1,995)

Learn all the apps and services that come with Ekahau Connect

Ekahau Survey App
  • Ekahau Survey is a Professional Wi-Fi site survey app for Android and iOS optimized for use with Ekahau Sidekick 2.
  • Get productive faster with a powerful yet simple to learn and use interface.
  • Delivers instant post-survey analysis with easy-to-read, crystal-clear heatmaps.
  • Automatically locates detected access points.
  • Conduct accurate Wi-Fi health checks with just the Sidekick 2 and your phone or tablet. Ekahau Survey is up to 90% lighter and is way faster than using a laptop.
Ekahau Analyzer
  • Professional-grade Wi-Fi health validation, troubleshooting, and spectrum analyzer app for Android and iOS devices optimized for use with Ekahau Sidekick 2.
  • Ekahau Analyzer provides mobility and convenience for troubleshooting the most common network problems — with the Android or iOS device right in your pocket.
  • Automatically validate the health of your Wi-Fi network with easy-to-understand pass / fail indication.
  • Give on-site staff the power to easily identify potential issues and relay info back to senior resources.
  • Reduce the complexity of Wi-Fi troubleshooting and resolve Wi-Fi related issues in no time.
Ekahau Capture - Easy to use Packet Capture Tool
  • Easy-to-use packet capture tool for advanced troubleshooting and in-depth analysis.
  • Makes it easy to quickly capture Wi-Fi packets using Ekahau Sidekick in order to detect complex problems without waiting for a Wi-Fi expert.
  • Introduces simultaneous dual-channel packet capture to diagnose difficult problems, such as roaming between Aps.
Ekahau Insights
  • Wi-Fi performance analytics with automatic issue identification to improve network quality and minimize downtime.
  • Ekahau Insights gives you instant visibility into your global network performance health by displaying both predictive design and survey data from multiple users at multiple sites.
Ekahau Cloud - Choose a collaboration method that works best for you
  • Enables simultaneous collaboration across team members in the field and between the field and experts in the back office.
  • Keeps project files backed up and synced across devices and prevents costly rework in case your device gets lost or damaged.
  • Easily switch between Cloud and Local modes when projects or customers require data to be stored offline.

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